Sunday, 22 January 2017

Parents enrolling their kids in 'idol academies'?

A recent trend of 'idol academies' popped up in Gangnam.  Its popularity was fuelled by the fact that kids who are "good at singing and dancing are popular in class."  One grade 2 student is enrolled in the 'idol basics' program and his mother said, "I enrolled him in it because he said he wanted to attend an idol academy and he showed no interest in taekwondo or piano.  I think if he learns to dance and sing, he'll get more popular among people his age and also it'll boost his confidence."

It's around $100-$200 for sessions twice weekly (4 hours each) which apparently isn't a big difference with fees for taekwondo and piano classes.  The expensive price also takes into account that this is an investment for children to boost their chances of being accepted into music departments in universities later on.

Korean Economics via Daum: "Do you still attend Taekwondo and piano classes?", trend these days in Gangnam and Mokdong are 'idol academies'

1. [+2897, -67] Reporter, did you research how much tuition is for taekwondo and piano classes?  5 days a week and 20 hours class time is around $100 to $150.  Meanwhile, idol academies are $200 for a 4-hour class twice weekly.  How is that a 'similar price'?  It's already worrying that little kids don't care for children's songs and only follow provocative songs and dances these days.  Please go and find out instead if that academy you're blabbing about is even registered officially.

2. [+1517, -34] Parents that think like that are just tsk tsk

3. [+790, -19] Don't cry... Ryan...

4. [+472, -5] I just think what's wrong with the world... when elementary and middle school students are forced to do sexy dances... Mass media plays a big role for a world where we can go after our true dreams

5. [+388, -3] Don't let others decide what you should do, self-directed learning is needed for kids and adults too.  Let's try to encourage people to think critically on their own.

6. [+359, -2] This is totally an ad.

7. [+302, -4] Forcing them to take this class and that class... I don't think that's right... now we've got an idol academy, what's up with that...

8. [+253, -3] I don't think there's another country where the TV ads are filled with celebrities as much as ours.. That just means that consumers choose products not for the quality but for the celebrity that endorses it.  That's why people want to become a celebrity so they can earn easy money and get a pass for gambling or drinking and driving, in the end you'll still get tons of money from modelling fees

9. [+246, -2] Is it possible to learn a talent that's only given by the heavens..

10. [+241, -5] It's a fuss here in Bundang too... every building's basement has a practice room... for people to... practice dances...


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