Sunday, 1 January 2017

Jung Yoora, Choi Soonshil's daughter, arrested in Denmark

Background: "The daughter of Choi Soonshil, who is at the heart of an influential scandal leading to the president's impeachment, was arrested in Denmark on Monday.  Prosecutors investigating the massive corruption scandal surrounding the president and Choi Soonshil had requested Interpol put Jung Yoora on the wanted list after she declined to respond to the team's repeated summons."

"Jung Yoora is suspected of receiving undue favours from Seoul-based Ewha Woman's University regarding admission and academic affairs by taking advantage of her mother's ties to the president."

Union News via Daum: Jung Yoora arrested by police in Denmark.. transfer in process

1. [+9308, -67] She ran away to somewhere really far huh

2. [+8595, -87] My child~come on and play with mom in the prison cell

3. [+7834, -56] Ok, hurry up and come here now

4. [+2954, -13] Your parents spoiled you, so it's your first time being in a locked up right?

5. [+2801, -15] Don't even think about trying to get away. Even if the police has to drag you by the hair they'll definitely take you here. Lee Kyungjae, this bastard is full of lies too, what do you expect from Choi Soonshil's lawyer. Are they not embarrassed to be like this in front of their children tsk tsk

JTBC via Naver: Jung Yoora arrested in Denmark

1. [+10,022, -84] Hurry up and come to Korea and be taken into custody

2. [+8173, -74] As expected of Jung Yoo-b*tch

3. [+6787, -91] Korea manse. Manse!

4. [+6258, -52] Hurry and drag her back here!!!!

5. [+5194, -134] She's a frog in a well.. serves her right.

6. [+1519, -8] Why did Lee Wanyoung go to Denmark?????

7. [+1200, -11] JTBC got the news first. Amazing. Let's get Jung Yoora.

8. [+1098, -8] A present for the new year. Jung Yoora's arrest


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