Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Infinite Challenge to go on a 7-week hiatus

Infinite Challenge will continue to film and have meetings during the 7-week hiatus, so it's not really a "rest or vacation".  The purpose of the hiatus is to normalize the processes necessary to produce the show - to bring back the true colours of Infinite Challenge.

A new variety special and legendary re-run episodes of MuDo will air during the show's time slot until they return with new episodes.

Sports Joseon via Naver: Kim Taeho PD, "To 'normalize' MuDo in 7 weeks"... not a break (Official)

1. [+14,017, -249] MuDo has a lot of legendary episodes so I'll be able to wait for them ㅎㅎ Those episodes are all still funny even if I watch them now ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+10,012, -230] All of his words are always so understandable and smart, I believe in Kim PD~!

3. [+8695, -176] Oh~~~ I'll be able to watch the old eps~~ if they're going to show the legendary episodes, the 7 weeks will go by so fast~~!

4. [+7790, -143] I'm thankful to the members but also to Kim Taeho PD and the staff members who stay up all night in meetings for the show. I'll miss MuDo these upcoming two months but... I'll cheer you on and wait!

5. [+5550, -118] good

6. [+604, -28] Actually, we are thankful that you're giving us the opportunity to re-watch MuDo for 7 weeks.

7. [+589, -24] I bet it's been really, really difficult for them...

OSEN via Naver: 'Bye for a bit'.. MuDo, to bring out our creative minds during this break

1. [+10,663, -177] This is the only program who can fill in a few weeks just with their legendary episodes.  Plus we had to wait during the MBC strike anyway, this is nothing compared to that...

2. [+7095, -132] That's a great decision. Hwaiting ㅎㅎ

3. [+6707, -120] Don't just do things that have great importance but simple things are ok too

4. [+4633, -94] If it's MuDo, I'll wait for their refreshed comeback

5. [+4426, -167] Myungsoo is 12 years old was super funnyㅎㅎ

6. [+629, -11] If you're going to show re-runs of legendary episodes please do the rea~~~~~lly old ones, those ones aren't available onlineㅋ

7. [+442, -16] It's too bad that for the 2 months, they won't be resting, and they'll still be filming, planning and having meetings but.. I'll be cheering MuDo on

8. [+447, -20] I hope the scale of their projects would be smaller


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