Monday, 9 January 2017

Chaebol son of Hanhwa group assaults bar worker in Gangnam, YTN acquires video proof


Kim Dong Sun, third chaebol son of Hanhwa group, is being investigated for causing a riot and assaulting an employee at a bar in Gangnam.  The scandal is blowing up because group executives seemed to have intervened and tried to negotiate with the victims of the assault.

In the video, you can see Kim climb up on the table and hit the employee's head several times.  He tells the employee "look at me, ya, ya, look at me", slaps his face and grabs his head, saying "are you not going to [act, work] properly?"

Hanhwa group's chairman Kim Seung Yeon (father, CEO) has already been embroiled in similar controversies in the past (e.g. punching bar workers, beating his son's 'enemies').

YTN via Naver: [Breaking] Full video of Hanhwa's third son's assault scandal... alleged involvement of group

1. [+9760, -57] Hanhwa group's chaebol kids are hopeless, both the dad and the sons. They all do the same thing.

2. [+8796, -69] Their dad once attacked someone asking who it was that hit his son, is he not going to do that again?

3. [+7736, -65] A family with dirty blood. What's so good about being rich? If dirtiness runs in their blood.

4. [+7354, -64] Incredible, just incredible. Is this what their company is like.......

5. [+5770, -92] Korea's a mess...

6. [+1642, -12] The habit of hitting people and throwing $10,000, is it Hanhwa's family motto to act without thinking? They're worse than trash..

7. [+1556, -19] After graduating from a prestigious university and becoming an executive, all they do is pick fights with people and try to negotiate with the victims tsk tsk tsk pathetic

8. [+1481, -8] I would be so upset if the kid being hit in the video was my own... at this point, I don't think negotiation is the problem, but don't they have to receive a severe punishment for thisㅜㅜ

9. [+1300, -11] Well it's Hanhwa, what do you expect? It's a company of trash and gangsters


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