Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Yoo Ah In becomes the target of Park Geunhye's fan cafe

They want to sue Yoo Ah In. They're using his recent candlelight rally participation and trying to accuse him of purposely "avoiding military enlistment" even though he was officially checked by the military health check-up and is scheduled for a re-check so that he can participate in the military.

Dispatch via Daum: 'Yoo Ah In who held a candlelight'... becomes the target of ParkSaMo (Park Geunhye's fancafe)

1. [+21,061, -248] Crazy bastards... But why are 99% of their supporters those who didn't go to the military? These bastards with no logic...

2. [+20,831, -321] They've gone crazy.. these people

3. [+9054, -134] Why don't you all make a fuss about how Hwang Kyo Ahn and  Lee Myungbak didn't enlist in the army, these people seriously. Ahn Sangsoo too

4. [+4838, -72] What do we do with these abnormal people. Aigoo, my head.

5. [+4660, -70] They're no different from zombies~~ I wish they had brains!!!

6. [+4155, -70] Sigh, these pathetic bastards.

7. [+3801, -72] We have to rid of Park Samo and Soon Shil's party

8. [+3482, -69] They're really doing all sorts of things now, eh... these fools...

9. [+3029, -45] This is the perfect time to use the phrase, "this makes no sense".

Yoo Ah In participates in candlelight rally
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