Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Without considering looks or popularity, who deserves the acting daesang?

1. Cheese in the Trap - Yoojung (Park Haejin)

2. Cheese in the trap - Baek In Ho (Seo Kangjoon)

3. Cheese in the trap - Baek In Ha (Lee Sungkyung)

4. Signal - Park Haeyoung (Lee Jehoon)

5. Signal - Lee Jaehwan (Jo Jinwoong)

6. Signal - Cha Soohyun (Kim Hyesoo)

7. DOTS - Yoo Shijin (Song Joongki)

8. DOTS - Seo Daeyoung (Jingoo)

9. DOTS - Kang Moyeon (Song Hyekyo)

10. DOTS - Yoon Myungjoo (Kim Jiwon)

11. Another Oh Haeyoung (Eric)

12. Another Oh Haeyoung (Lee Jaeyoon)

13. Another Oh Haeyoung (Seo Hyunjin)

14. Lucky Romance - Jae Suho (Ryu Junyeol)

15. W - Kang Chul (Lee Jongsuk)

16. W - Oh Sungmoo, Han Sangchoon (Kim Euisung)

17. W - Oh Yeonjoo (Han Hyojoo)

18. Uncontrollably Fond - Shin Joonyoung (Kim Woobin)

19. Doctors - Yoo Hyejung (Park Shinhye)

20. Doctors - Jin Seowoo (Lee Sungkyung)

21. Moonlight drawn by clouds - Lee Young (Park Bogum)

22. Jealousy Incarnate - Lee Hwashin (Jo Jungsuk)

23. Jealousy Incarnate - Pyo Nari (Gong Hyojin)

24. Moon Lovers - (Lee Junki)

25. Shopping King Louie (Seo In Guk)

26. The K2 (Ji Chanwook)

27. Romantic Doctor (Han Sukgyu)

28. Legend of the blue sea (Lee Minho)

29. Legend of the blue sea (Jun Jihyun)

30. Goblin (Gong Yoo)

31. Goblin (Lee Dongwook)

Daum Cafe: Without considering looks or popularity, and only looking at their acting, which actor should get the best acting daesang?

- For me it's Jo Jinwoong, Kim Hyesoo, Jo Jungseok, and Lee Jongsuk... I can't pick one between these actors

- I can't pick between Signal's Lee Jehoon, Jo Jinwoong, and Kim Hyesooㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ They all did well

- Definitely Jo Jungseok, he was the only one who could pull off that character

- I was really considering it seriously but once I saw Lee Jaehan, I already made my decision

- Kim Euisung... wow he gave me goosebumps on 'W'

- It's obviously the Signal team ㅠ They brought the characters to life really well, they added their own unique colour to the characters

- Jo Jinwoong, Lee Junki, Lee Jongsuk, Gongyoo
Kim Hyesoo, Seo Hyunjin, Jun Jihyun

- Wow, this is crazy how can I pick just one person.  All of the actors listed did a great job

- Jo Jinwoong!!!

- The ones I picked are those that made me think of the character they played and not them as an actor: Lee Jaehan, Oh Haeyoung, Je Suho, Kang Chul, Lee Hwashin, and Kim Sabu

- Lee Jongsuk's diction was really well done. Most of his lines are monologues too ㅋㅋㅋ I liked his delivery when he talks to the criminal as well, gave me goosebumps

- To be honest Lee Junki

- The K2's Song Yunah should be here too


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