Friday, 30 December 2016

Update: Park Geunhye's fancafe plans to boycott Yoo Jaesuk's CFs, shows, and products

Yoo Jaesuk makes brave speech about his hopes for South Korea
Update: ParkSaMo targets Yoo Jaesuk after daesang acceptance speech

Star News via Daum: ParkSaMo criticizes Yoo Jaesuk's daesang acceptance speech, "You're a leftist too, huh"
ParkSaMo, "We disagree with Yoo Jaesuk".. "Let's boycott his CFs, shows, and products"

1. [+23,846, -269] What kind of person do you have to be to take the words, "It's the nation who will save the country. Let's make Korea walk on a flower path" and decide that that person is a leftist...

2. [+19,617, -296] Those bastards ParkSaMo

3. [+16,341, -227] These bastards who don't even watch Infinite Challenge.
Sul Minseok taught this in the previous History special on IC.
The citizens protected our history from high ranks who took their pay and were only interested in themselves.  When the day comes when we all walk the flower path together, ParkSaMo can go screw themselves. In fact, they don't realize that they can be on the flower path too because they're so used to a country that's poisonous and dirty.

4. [+6011, -59] It's not a political matter, it's common sense
ParkSaMo doesn't even have basic common sense

5. [+4914, -48] Just ignore them. So disgusting.

6. [+4852, -58] If we become unified, I wonder who they'll live for then?

7. [+4490, -56] Are there actually ParkSaMo members?
> There are... they get supporters from somewhere. My parents know someone who is in ParkSaMo and they send weird messages; I think more than them being people who love Park Geunhye... there's more people in ParkSaMo who do it to get money
> ParkSaMo = part-time hackers
> It's the 30% who opposed impeachment. This is the time to knock some common sense and discuss this kind of thing with ParkSaMo supporters.

8. [+3838, -38] What a bunch of dogs and pigs. The country's in this state because they've closed their eyes and ears to the truth

9. [+2852, -41] ParkSaMo is so scary. I can't even make a reply to them. They believe in sh*t so I guess everything they hear turns into sh*t too.


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