Friday, 23 December 2016

Solomon's Perjury


1. [+356, -9]  It's getting more interesting as it progresses ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+321. -7]  You can tell from the title but it shows a lot of problems in society... it's really interesting

3. [+271, -10]  Hyunsoo is really pretty, be successful~~

4. [+221, -9]  Can't take your eyes off this when you watch it, it's really fun!  I should watch the original too

5. [+91, -4]  The female lead is pretty, her eyes are like a deer's almost?

6. [+74, -1]  I was flipping between channels and I liked the title of this show but I ended up watching the whole thing.  I think it's a good show.  I'll stay tuned ^^

7. [+66, -1]  Both the acting and story line are good.. this show captures you!!

8. [+62, -1]  The one in charge of the class and the jury are so annoying.

9. [+55, -1]  The child actress has such a clean looking face

10. [+49, -1]  A good drama~ I like the setting, music, and it's weirdly captivating


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