Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Reporters ask Kim Jongmin about Jung Joonyoung's return to 1N2D


Sports Donga via Naver: [Entertainment Daesang Interview] Kim Jongmin "Jung Joonyoung's return, up to the viewers"

1. [+6001, -431] Park Hyoshil reporter's the one who committed a crime, not him

2. [+4993, -634] If he's not guilty, then of course he should come back. He did nothing wrong

3. [+4423, -695] Wish he would return.. Jung Joonyoung's really funny

4. [+3709, -662] Joonyoung's funny, I vote for his return!

5. [+2734, -535] Reporters are such attention-seekers tsk tsk they'll figure it out themselves!!! I wish he'd comeback soon

6. [+384, -76] Looks like the reporter tried to talk about Jung Joonyoung... how could you to someone who just won their daesang... Kim Jongmin must be dumbfounded if he saw this article..

7. [+362, -69] Why are they only trying to talk about Jung Joonyoung on an interview about his daesang... dirty reporters..

8. [+397, -95] Reporters are trying to scrap off whatever they can from Jung Joonyoung. Just leave them alone, they'll take care of his return themselves. Please. It's you reporters who caused him the most problems


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