Saturday, 24 December 2016

More people speak up about Kim Yoojung's stage controversy

Oh My News via Daum: Kim Yoo Jung's leg sticking out controversy, is our society's tolerance to this level? 

1. [+4791, -531]  The problem is the media.
Those who wrote hate comments as well as the pathetic reporters.
We have to get rid of this mentality where we criticize people in an instance.
What you put out comes back to you.  Watch our for the hate that you wrote for someone else~~

2.  [+3493, -659]  Yoojung, I first want to give you my words of comfort~~ My heart aches for you who has to go through this difficult criticism from society at such a young age.. But remember what Bogum oppa's dad said, 10-1 = 0, and come back to us even more diligently~~  We love you.. This is from the heart of someone who is raising a 30 year old son who is much older than Yoojung~♡♡

3. [+3240, -580]  Thank you very much... I'm not saying this as Ms. Yoojung's fan but as a mother of a child the same age as her, my heart hurts so much.  People shouldn't be like this to each other... I say this as someone who isn't able to do anything but scream out this frustration from the inside..

4. [+1458, -261]  We are more angry about Woo Byungwoo's eyes than young Yoojung's leg controvery...  What is so important about that... These elders who are wanting a minor to die just because of a small mistake, the whole thing, the reporters, everything, is so ugly.

5. [+1373, -250]  Media is the problem first of all!!  It stirs up the public voice

6. [+1152, -172]  The media carries both fire and water (t/n: stirs up problems and then pretends to be innocent by putting out the problem, etc.)  Reporters are the problem.

7. [+1009, -183]  They feel as if they've given stars potential and help, so news reporters, broadcast journalists, and variety reporters, they want to feel like as if they're in control.  The pen is stronger than a gun, shooting anyone within their reach.

8. [+833, -150]  Korea has always been a country with little tolerance, one that won't accept you once you've made a small mistake!  One that treats the service industry like slaves!  There are so many people in our lives that think they're the boss of you!  This is something we need to fix!

9. [+777, -180]  Isn't it contradictory for people to write all kinds of hate comments without thinking while judging a person?  You can see your own character when you write those things.  They ignore the truth and only focus on slander, doing that makes you the lowest person by character.  Anyway, I really hope Kim Yoojung's company sues those who have posted hate about her.  I hope they pay the price for what they've put out.

10. [+818, -227]  It's tiring to stand like that on stage too.. she was sick with the flu as well, let's not get fired up over such a small moment... Turn the arrow towards people like Park Geunhye, Choi Soonshil and Woo Byungwoo..!!



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