Saturday, 24 December 2016

[Instiz] A drama that picks the best OSTs

Chanyeol, Punch - Stay with me
10 cm - My eyes
Lasse Lindh - Hush
Crush - Beautiful

Instiz: A drama after DOTS that picks the best OSTs

- All of the songs are so goodㅠㅠㅠㅠI especially like the feeling of Hush

- Seriously all of the songs are legendary... it fits with the atmosphere really well

- ㅠㅠ I love Hush the most

- Gotta admit, it's so good

- The song that came out today was good too

- Seriously it's a song perfect for Dokkaebi

- Knew it'd be about Dokkaebi

- It's fun to wait for the next OST to come out too

- Dokkaebi's perfect from the actors, story, and the musicㅠㅠ What do I do once it ends


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