Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Bang Joonghyun and Kim Jongmin defend Kim Yoojung from criticisms

OSEN via Naver: 'Moonlight' Bang Joonghyun responds to Kim Yoojung's controversy "The most respectful junior I know"

1. [+425, -44] As a fan, I'm really thankful to him. Yoojung, fighting

2. [+397, -39] This is making me tear up~ Bang Joonghyun, you're so cool!! Fighting to our Yoojung too!!!

3. [+387, -38] As expected!! The staff and actors who have worked with Yoojung know her better. Yoojung is probably going through such a hard time right now because she's soft-hearted. ㅠㅠ Hope you get well soon, Yoojung-ah!! ♥

4. [+385, -43] "She's the most respectful junior I know"

5. [+358, -35] Stop with the hateful comments!!! We're not perfect either~

6. [+276, -20] If Yoojung really wasn't respectful, her seniors wouldn't write a post like this, Cha Taehyun wouldn't praise her for growing up well, and Sung Dongil wouldn't say he wants her as a daughter-in-law.

7. [+251, -16] Now that her seniors have spoken up about her being respectful, let's stop with the witch hunt~~ let's only walk a flowery path Yoojung-ah~

Daily Economics via Naver: Kim Jongmin "Yoojung's still young, I feel bad and sorry for her"

1. [+208, -5] How does he speak so well... so cool!!!!

2. [+179, -6] I'm so touched by Kim Jongmin's words. Congrats on the daesang and I hope Kim Yoojung reads this article and gets strength from it. Even though it's Daily Economics who first spread the fire of the controversy

3. [+159, -5] As expected of someone who won a daesang.

4. [+94, -3] Kim Jongmin... you're always cool and congrats... thank you. Yoojung will only get healthier and stronger from now.

5. [+89, -3] The best! Yoojung fighting

Xsportnews via Naver: 'Moonlight' Park Joonghyun on Kim Yoojung's controversy "Did she commit an unforgivable crime?" anger

1. [+130, -4] I think I'm going to cry. Park Joonghyun, thank you.

2. [+126, 5] I wish articles like this would get spread. It's always the bad articles that get a spot on the main page and they don't mention articles like this at all. I'm so disappointed when the good articles get buried

3. [+118, -4] Yoojung-ah~ stay strong~~ Come back healthily, we miss your bright smile~

4. [+118, -4] You should trust and be thankful more to the words of those you have spent time with rather than the people watching you from the sidelines. Yoojung, be strong

5. [+112, -3] You're not human if you write hate comments on an article like this too


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