Thursday, 12 January 2017

Sejeong opens up about using gov't issued voucher cards for hungry children to afford food


"My family's financial situation was very difficult that we got food voucher cards for hungry children supplied by the government.  During breaks when I wouldn't be able to eat school meals , I would use that card.  In a day, I could only use 3,500 won (~$3.00) so I got jjajangmyeon with it, sometimes if I gathered up coupons, I was able to order it with sweet and sour pork."

Sample voucher cards:

Newsen via Daum: Gugudan Sejeong "My family struggled financially, used a food voucher card for hungry children"

1. [+2067, -39] Sejeong, I'm proud of you!!! How pretty!!!

2. [+1964, -34] You can be successful... you're qualified to... she's always so bright even while living in those circumstances... You can see how her mother raised her... I'll support you~

3. [+1763, -33] This girl's very bright, be successful

4. [+609, -8] I'm so relieved that she has such a positive, bright personality along with her pretty face, hard work, and talent.  That kind of environment can turn people into troublemakers or make people blame their own parents... I hope and support for you to be a celebrity that only gets love.  I envy and I'm proud of Sejeong's mother who raised her well.

5. [+554, -12] This is nothing to be embarrassed about.  This kind of story doesn't need to be said with tears.  I like that she told her story proudly with a smile.  What's important is the present.  The way you're always bright and respectful is so beautiful.

6. [+522, -8] I didn't know their situation was that difficult.  As a mother myself, I'm supporting her.  Go and be successful.

7. [+524, -13] Walk only a flower path.

8. [+432, -8] The world should be more like this. Don't be embarrassed if you're poor, and don't feel hurt if you're offered free food. We need to change this policy. People should apply more for these things such as the voucher card for hungry children and for broken families. You shouldn't be embarrassed that you're poor, you should confidently accept the help you need and pay back society later when you grow up.

9. [+316, -10] Aigo.. makes my heart hurt.. It's so nice to see her grow up so brightly. To her parents who helped her grow up so prettily and to young Sejeong, please be happy.

10. [+182, -35] Sejeong, you are great. This ahjussi is your fan now. The fact that she doesn't think her past is embarrassing at all and thinks of her difficulties as stepping stones needs to be complimented more. Because she's always filled with smiles and is just overall very positive, I first thought she grew up in an affluent household so I'm surprised. Fighting!


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