Friday, 23 December 2016

Suzy stuns with her beauty in Cosmopolitan photoshoot

1. [+821, -146]  Wow she's freaking pretty but especially the 2nd photo... where can I get an HD quality of that photo I want to save it

2. [+786, -174]  Both Noeul and Soyeon are great

3. [+668, -149]  Thank you for the beautiful photoshoot.  So pretty I'm waiting for your solo and drama

4. [+611, -157]  So pretty.  I can't wait for the drama 'While You're Sleeping' and her solo, I want to see her in a movie too

5. [+596, -159]  Suzy fighting!!  Noeul was great

6. [+261, -68]  Suzy secretly donated and also volunteered at an orphanage.  Her face is pretty but her heart is also pretty, she makes sure to donate every year

7. [+239, -61]  Suzy's so damn pretty today too

8. [+194, -48]  Pretty, so so so, pretty ㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+244, -65]  Suzy I'm always cheering you on, fighting

10. [+229, -60]  Suzy~~ let's hear your solo already~~  it's so hard to wait~~  I'm waiting for the drama too ^^



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