Friday, 23 December 2016

[Instiz] Clarification to Kim Yoojung's attitude controversy

A part of the controversial GIF was cut out, right after, she bowed a deep 90 degrees.

Kim Yoojung had the flu on that day too.  It was a comfortable, free atmosphere where even Cha Taheyun was looking at his own fingertips.

But in the end it became a big issue, her company had to issue an official apology.

You can also search up other movie events and how there has been no problems with other actors and that the atmosphere was also bright and free, with no complaints from the audience members.

You can search up other celebrities and catch them with their legs out as well for a short moment and there weren't any controversies surrounding those.  The audience members who actually attended the event all left good comments and didn't feel like there were any problems.  There are other celebrities who posed and acted the same way and only Kim Yoojung is being singled out in such a huge controversy. (Source: Cafe Daum, for more photos and videos of the event)

Instiz: A part that was left out of Kim Yoojung's crazy controversy 
(T/N: Comments are very varied; since negative comments have already been translated, I'll try to post more of the other POV of people who think it isn't such a big deal / was blown out of proportion)

- To such a young girl who made one mistake, they're cursing her like no tomorrow and yet on TV there are people who were caught drinking and driving, doing drugs, and people are quiet about those

- I didn't think it was a big deal from the very start

- I don't think it should be taken as far as an "attitude controversy", it's just a stage greeting, I really don't care for this controversy much

- Seriously, people are overreacting

- Y'all have your panties in a bunch, let's not be so criticizing

- I honestly think that kind of posture is rude... not just Yoojung but also other people who stand like that.  I just don't think it's good manners, but I also don't think it's right for her to be sworn at and cursed at to this degree.  She just has to learn from this and do better next time.

- People are hating on her way too much... other celebrities have done it but only Yoojung is being criticized as if she's done an unpardonable mistake... I don't get it

- I wanted to stay quiet because everyone was agreeing that it was controversial...but to be honest, I never thought it was that bad

- Feels like the public is the celebrities' military general picking on every mistake

- I feel so bad for her because she's being berated way too much for one small thing

- Now that I see the whole video, it was only for a short moment that she posed like that and looked at her fingers, just that one small moment and a celebrity can fall... I support you Yoojung
> I feel so bad that she's getting hate
> Seriously, the audience were enjoying themselves too
> I think the reaction to this whole this is just too much

- It's a rude gesture but I don't think it's something you can judge her entire character on

- Being a celebrity is such an impossible job


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